The Thrill of Flying on Water

You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner
Tow Foil Lesson
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Wing Foil Lesson
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Surf Foil Lesson
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Tow Foil Wave Riding
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The amazing legitimacies of foiling — and why you should make it a part of your life!

You will employ your body in a wholly new way: revealing new fitness and mobility levels

Crowds will be a thing of the past as different parts of the ocean become available to you 

Your wave riding capabilities are only limited by you — endless waves opportunities await

Join a welcoming and affable community of stoked fellow foilers  

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About us

Located on the beautiful shores of Queensland's Gold Coast, a surfing mecca turned foil playground.
Our dedicated team utilise prime locations and top-notch equipment to provide you with an exciting and potentially life-altering introduction to the world of foiling!

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