Wing foil lesson Currumbin
Student learning how to wing foil
Student wing foiling on a SUP
Wing foil lesson on the Gold Coast
A man doing is first wing foil lesson
Student walking back upwind
A coach showing how to hold the wing on the beach
A coach showing how to turn wing foiling
A man riding a hydrofoil with a wing
Wing foil instructor holding his board and wing
Students sharing their experience after the lesson
Foil board exhibition in front of the beach

Wing Foil Lesson

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Elevate your foiling skills to new heights with Wing Foiling

Why Wing Foiling?
Wing foiling offers an unmatched opportunity to harness the power of the wind and glide effortlessly above the water's surface. The dynamic blend of skill and balance provides an unmatched connection to the elements.

Who are Wing Foil Lessons for?
Beginners: Novices without prior experience can book these lessons, however we highly recommend taking a Tow Foil lesson with us before attempting wing foil. These lessons give you a chance to get to grips with the board before having to consider the wing. A sort of walk before you can run scenario, creating a more cost-effective and efficient strategy.

Intermediate: If you're already comfortable wing foiling but you want to see more progression, taking a few lessons could save you a lot of time. Our skilled team will have you jibing and jumping in no time.

What to Expect
Our wing foil lessons are thoughtfully divided into three segments to ensure you grasp the fundamentals of wind-assisted foiling.

Part 1: Begin with theory, safety, setup, and learn how to handle the wing on land.
Part 2: Progress to using the wing on a beginners board. Cover topics like the starting position of the board and wing, kneeling, power and de-powering the wing, sailing upwind, crosswind, downwind, and turning.
Part 3: Enjoy the exciting part as we guide you step by step on how to get up on the foil and ride using the wing.

What We Provide
We always offer the latest and safest equipment during your session. All you need to bring is your beachwear or wetsuit and get ready to take flight!

Feel free to bring your own equipment, with the only requirement being that you are physically fit and confident in your swimming ability since swimming may be necessary during the session.

Lessons take place at Southport Broadwater Parklands Boat Ramp and Currumbin Beach.

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Why Choose Us?

We Live and Breathe Foiling

Foiling for us is much more than a hobby: it is a way of life. It is a privilege to share our passion with you

Capturing your Progress is a Breeze

Not only to fast track your progress but a way of showing family and friends how good you have become

Safety Is Paramount

Our uttermost priority is maintaining your safety whilst with us. We do not take risks and will never push you beyond your limits

Bespoke Lesson Planning

We efficiently tailor lessons to suit a variety of capacities. Therefore ensuring no time is wasted and you achieve maximum progression

New and Cutting Edge Equipment

Our portfolio of the latest foiling equipment means learners have the best technologically advanced gear under their feet and in their hands

Expert Advice — Delivered with Purpose

We have been in the foil space working with other brands for several years now. Our accumulated wealth of knowledge is at your disposal and is always given with a smile and zero judgement