Wave Riding Tow-in Session
Foiler on a wave doing a bottom turn
Foiler cruising on a wave in perfect condition
Foiler being towed by a jetski into a wave
Foiler learning how to generate speed on the top of a wave
Wave riding session in chest high waves
Surfer riding a hydrofoil on a swell
Foiler doing a steep bottom turn a wave
Wave Riding Tow-in Session

Wave Riding Tow-in Session

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Effortless wave riding with coaching and support

Why Tow Foil Wave Riding?
We think this is the best, most effortless way, to start wave riding on the Foil. If you've already got to grips with the board and want to experience some action in the Ocean, this set up will see you catching wave after wave.

Who are Tow Foil Wave Riding Sessions for?
This session is ideal for individuals who have already accumulated several hours of lessons or can confidently water start and ride effortlessly behind a boat or jetski. It's your opportunity to catch your first wave on a foil in a controlled and enjoyable setting.

What to Expect
Our goal is to launch you into waves that match your foiling skills. The moment you let go of the rope and experience the freedom of flight, there's no turning back. We're not kidding when we say this is the best way to ride the longest waves of your life. Be warned: once you've ridden waves like these, everything else will pale in comparison.

What's Included
This session covers a comprehensive tow-in safety briefing, including wave launch and recovery procedures, as well as potential scenarios you might encounter on the day. We'll work on your body posture, pumping efficiency, turns, and take you to a level where it all feels second nature.

To get the most from this session, it's essential to have prior experience with water starting behind a boat or jetski. We're happy to discuss your progress and advise you when you're ready. At the end of the session, you'll receive high-resolution video footage of your foiling experience for feedback and your bragging rights.

Our favourite spots are Tweed Head and South Stradbroke.

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Why Choose Us?

We Live and Breathe Foiling

Foiling for us is much more than a hobby: it is a way of life. It is a privilege to share our passion with you

Capturing your Progress is a Breeze

Not only to fast track your progress but a way of showing family and friends how good you have become

Safety Is Paramount

Our uttermost priority is maintaining your safety whilst with us. We do not take risks and will never push you beyond your limits

Bespoke Lesson Planning

We efficiently tailor lessons to suit a variety of capacities. Therefore ensuring no time is wasted and you achieve maximum progression

New and Cutting Edge Equipment

Our portfolio of the latest foiling equipment means learners have the best technologically advanced gear under their feet and in their hands

Expert Advice — Delivered with Purpose

We have been in the foil space working with other brands for several years now. Our accumulated wealth of knowledge is at your disposal and is always given with a smile and zero judgement