About us

          Foiling Australia started operating in 2021. It all began as a hobby for us. In the very beginning, foiling was a bit tricky. There weren’t many foilers around to learn from and watch perform, so we had to figure it out ourselves!

          Foiling is different to any other water sports in the sense that there is no drag once you’re up and flying, so no noise, no bumps, close to no wave even and a crazy high speed! This makes foiling a unique sport that to us became highly addictive!

          Our passion for the sport only grew bigger ever since and so did the opportunities to express ourselves in the open ocean, waves and flat water as the equipment evolved. 

          Our goal is not only to teach you how to foil or improve your skill, it's to ensure you are having fun in a personal, safe and encouraging environment.
Foiling, after all, is our favourite pastime, and we want to make it yours.

          This is only the beginning of a new sport that presents endless opportunities to ride in any condition and we are committed to bringing it to you the safest way possible. Just come to chat to us!