We coach intermediate and advanced foilers and take them to the desired results and foil-like they never have before.

We offer a mobile service between The Spit and Snapper, always looking for an uncrowded break to maximise the result of our clients.

Our coaching is composed of 2 distinct areas of preparation: technical and physical.

The main goal is to identify the areas where the foilers have difficulties and provide feedback and guidance on how to improve their technique.

Our coaches are fully qualified, highly experienced and love foiling.
We are thrilled to help our clients to develop and improve their foiling skills to reach their best potential.

We offer two coaching options:
- A private wave riding tow-in session using a Jetski and a waterproof communication system enhances real-time feedback, allowing the student to implement the advice immediately.

- Video analysis, using digital devices such as video cameras and computers. This technological approach allows the coach to correct the foiler movements and improve control and efficiency.

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