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Group foil lesson on flat water
2-hour foil lesson
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Introduction to Foiling for 2 people

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Take the first step on the voyage to unbridled freedom...

Our foil lessons are tow based and carried out by jet ski with two participants in rotation for 2 hours. 

Who is this ideal for?
BeginnersPeople who have had experience surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will better comprehend the body mechanics required to make the foil fly. Those vital seconds you spend up on the wing will form crucial muscle memories, therefore allowing you to progress rapidly.

For those with little to no experience — this doesn’t matter. You perhaps may not have the required balance skills to stand; however, foiling on the board lying or kneeling is still great fun!

Intermediate: If you’re already foiling but haven’t worked out the technique for pumping and connecting waves, this will be a total game-changer for you.

Here’s what we include
- Top of the range foil equipment
- SUP or prone/surf boards
- Intercom helmet available for protection & effortless communication
- impact vests/buoyancy aids
- All rescue & first aid equipment

All you need to bring is yourself and an appropriate wetsuit. We recommend you have some form of surfing or water sports experience so you can reap the maximum results from your time with us.

You are welcome to use your own equipment; we only ask that you are physically fit and confident in your swimming ability as you will be required to swim during the session. Hi-res motion footage of you getting to grips with foiling will be provided at the end for feedback and gloating rights!

We undertake these types of sessions on the Nerang River. Exceptionally user-friendly and ideal for flat water lessons.

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Why Choose Us?

We Live and Breathe Foiling

Foiling for us is much more than a hobby: it is a way of life. It is a privilege to share our passion with you

Capturing your Progress is a Breeze

Not only to fast track your progress but a way of showing family and friends how good you have become

Safety Is Paramount

Our uttermost priority is maintaining your safety whilst with us. We do not take risks and will never push you beyond your limits

Bespoke Lesson Planning

We efficiently tailor lessons to suit a variety of capacities. Therefore ensuring no time is wasted and you achieve maximum progression

New and Cutting Edge Equipment

Our portfolio of the latest foiling equipment means learners have the best technologically advanced gear under their feet and in their hands

Expert Advice — Delivered with Purpose

We have been in the foil space working with other brands for several years now. Our accumulated wealth of knowledge is at your disposal and is always given with a smile and zero judgement