Coaching lesson how to hit the foam
Coaching lesson how to do a bottom turn
Coaching lesson how to ride behind a jetsji
Coaching foil lesson, how to read the wave
Coaching foil lesson, how to navigate on the wave
Coaching foil lesson, how to stand on a foil
Coaching foil lesson, how to do a cut back
Selfi foil wave riding session

Wave Riding Coaching Session

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You have mastered the basics of foiling and are competently flying by yourself — well done! But if you’re hungry to advance your skills and truly push the envelope of what is capable, our coaching sessions are where you can fully explore your technique and unlock unlimited levels of progression.

Aimed at intermediate and advanced foilers, these sessions can take place anywhere from South Stradbroke to Tweed Head, as we’ll always take preference over an uncrowded break to maximise our clients’ results!

Our coaching is composed of 2 distinct preparation areas: technical and physical.
The main goal is to identify the areas where the foilers have difficulties and provide feedback and guidance.

We base our findings on your physical movements and how they translate — or don’t — to the style and type of technique they wish to attain.

Our coaches are fully qualified, highly experienced, love foiling, and are zealous to help clients develop themselves into incredible foilers.

We offer two coaching options:

- A private wave riding tow-in session using a jet ski and a waterproof communication system enhances real-time feedback, allowing the student to take on board advice immediately.

- Video analysis uses small handheld video cameras and allows the student to see themselves; the coach will add detailed comments on how to improve control and efficiency.

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Why Choose Us?

We Live and Breathe Foiling

Foiling for us is much more than a hobby: it is a way of life. It is a privilege to share our passion with you

Capturing your Progress is a Breeze

Not only to fast track your progress but a way of showing family and friends how good you have become

Safety Is Paramount

Our uttermost priority is maintaining your safety whilst with us. We do not take risks and will never push you beyond your limits

Bespoke Lesson Planning

We efficiently tailor lessons to suit a variety of capacities. Therefore ensuring no time is wasted and you achieve maximum progression

New and Cutting Edge Equipment

Our portfolio of the latest foiling equipment means learners have the best technologically advanced gear under their feet and in their hands

Expert Advice — Delivered with Purpose

We have been in the foil space working with other brands for several years now. Our accumulated wealth of knowledge is at your disposal and is always given with a smile and zero judgement